Ibrahima Bah (Johns Hopkins)

Anomaly polynomial for M5-branes on punctured Riemann surfaces.


Michael Gutperle (UCLA)

Spin 2 operators in holographic 4d N=2 SCFTs.

Eric Hirschmann (Brigham Young U.)

Advanc[ed/ing] numerical relativity in the advanced LIGO era and beyond.

Lampros Lamprou (MIT)

Entanglement as a connection for holographic spacetimes.

Dario Martelli (King's College London)

Extremization principles and the entropy of supersymmetric black holes.

David Neilsen (Brigham Young U.)

Recent progress on compact binary mergers in numerical relativity.

Praxitelis Ntokos (Utah State U.)

Entropy extremization for AdS5 BPS Black Holes.

Ioannis Papadimitriou (Korea Institute for Advanced Studies)

Supersymmetry anomalies.

Malcolm J. Perry (U. Cambridge)

Black Hole Soft Hair and Entropy.

Achilleas Porfyriadis (UCSB)

Solving the connection problem for AdS2.

Maria J. Rodriguez (Utah State U.)


Marcus Spradlin (Brown U.)

Scattering Amplitudes and Polytopes.

Christoph Uhlemann (UCLA)

Recent developments in AdS6/CFT5.

Oscar Varela (Utah State U.)

Some universal aspects of Chern-Simons holography.

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